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Writing a Research Paper

Critics of research writing often question the reasons for which scholars write papers after carrying out research and coming up with findings. There are three obvious reasons why academicians may document their findings in a research paper. First, once something is forgotten, it cannot be reproduced accurately without having a written notice, thus the need for a research document. Secondly, writing on any given topic can only be attained by approaching the agenda in a structured way, which in itself leads to a better understanding thereof. Finally, one of the primary reasons for which researchers document their findings is to gain perspective, since writing involves looking at something from different angles.

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A research paper is structured into three main parts, namely introduction, body, and discussion. The development of the thematic areas of a research work within these parts usually follows a pattern commonly referred to as the Hourglass Model. The introduction guides the reader from broad motivations and a wide topic to a specific research question that is tackled in the body of the research paper. The body of the paper is strictly confined to a specific thematic area. It gives a detailed description of the research methods and subsequent findings. Finally, the discussion part aims at drawing general conclusions and presenting the implications from the research outcomes.

The discussion part of a scholarly paper must be circular in argument; that is, the conclusion should refer the reader back to its introduction, thereby evaluating the original objective in view of the research presented. There are additional components of a research work besides the three mentioned segments, including the title, abstract, and references. The title of a research piece is usually read first, and in most instances the only part that is read. A good title has the fewest possible words that sufficiently refer to the paper's contents. A lengthy title comprises of too many wasted words, while extremely short titles often use words which are too broad. For that reason, an accurate title should pinpoint the main subject of the research paper, kick off with the paper's main theme, and be precise, unambiguous and complete in its form and purpose.The title of a research paper should not have abbreviations unless they are fully known by the target readers, such as UN, which is known to refer to the United Nations.

There are various types of titles of a research paper. For instance, descriptive titles give a description of the paper's subject of focus. Another type of title is the declarative title, which makes a declaration concerning the findings presented in the research paper. Further, we have interrogative titles, which pose questions that the research paper focuses on. To close, the compound title combines all the aforementioned titles using colons or question marks. The type of title used may have an impact on the download or citation count of a research document. Interrogative titles contain more downloads but less citation counts, whereas compound titles containing colons are longer with fewer downloads and citation counts.

One of the most essential components of a research document is the reference or bibliographic section. This section provides the reader with a collection of articles, books and other works, both published, which the research writer has used to support his or her arguments in the research paper. Different publishers use different referencing styles, but the most widely used range from APA and MLA, to Harvard and Chicago. A research paper cannot be complete without having the reference section.

Many students who experience difficulties in writing high-quality research papers, or those who lack adequate time, have found very helpful.

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